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Day 056 – Lets get the day started

Day 56 – May 12th

The mornings in our household tend to follow a similar pattern most days. Lately we’ve been quite fortunate that the girls have started sleeping in a little later and not getting us up at the crack of dawn, although the changing sunrise times in the morning seem to have confused Olivia who thinks nothing of coming in to wake us up just because “its daytime now” regardless of what the actual time is.

Generally we get visited each morning by Olivia coming into our room and asking to go downstairs, although we almost always convince her to wait a bit and watch some tv in our bed with us first. We need a little bit of time to get going in the mornings, and the thought about leaping out of bed just to sit around on the cold sofa while madam watches Paw Patrol doesn’t really excite us that much.

Sometimes Chloe isn’t too far behind Olivia in waking up and we try to squeeze all four of us into the same bed, and suddenly a double bed begins to feel a bit more like we’ve tried to squeeze two adults into a single bed, especially when the little ones begin to fidget! We manage to make a little room for each other though, and keep our fingers crossed that they will just chill out for a little while, instead of Olivia wanting to turn out bed into a trampoline while we’re still in it!

At least today is Friday and the weekend is almost here!


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