365 project

Day 055 – Got ma snacks, got ma tv…


Eating in front of the tv is not something I generally encourage, for a few reasons. Firstly, with Olivia it doesn’t take much for her to get distracted, and its not unheard of for a slice of toast to last her over an hour! The other reason is that studies have shown that you eat considerably more when you are watching the tv and just blindly shovelling food into your mouth without thinking about it.

Now we have both of the girls eating the same as us most nights, its nice when we can all sit around the dinner table together. At this point, as we’re all sat around the table, I will often turn the tv off and put some music on instead. Its so much nicer than having the girls straining to see over your shoulder and I find it more relaxing anyway. It makes dinner a bit more of an event, and its a good chance to spend time together.

Sometimes the girls eat before us, and when this is the case, its usually in front of the tv. Lately Chloe has been paying more and more attention to the tv, although she no doubt has no idea what is going on, but you can clearly see her transfixed by it. Still, this is usually when she is tired, as she rarely stays still long enough to watch it when she is on the floor.

Todays photo was from dinner time, after she’d tried to feed herself tomato pasta. Its a time when you always need to keep the baby wipes close at hand, and make sure there are plenty in the pack! Oh what did we do before baby wipes? They can literally clean anything, I think we’ll still be buying them when the girls have both grown up!


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