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Day 052 – Don’t judge me by my size


Monday crash lands to ruin a perfectly good weekend again, I am still strongly of the opinion that we should have three day weekends every weekend. Productivity and attendance would no doubt go up, surely?!

This particular Monday was sadly not part of a three day weekend, unlike the previous bank holiday weekend was, it so was back to “normal service resumed”.

As Monday’s goes, it was a pretty standard day. I don’t talk much about my day job on here, as it could land me in trouble, and it wouldn’t be very exciting to read about anyway. The beauty of my job is the hours, in that it allows me to be home with the girls at a sensible time, so that I can not only help to feed them,  bath them and take them to bed, but I also have time to play with them before any of that. A new job with lots more money would always be nice, but if it meant sacrificing time with the girls then I don’t know if I’d take it!

Chloe seems to be moving up through the various milestones, and has quickly progressed from crawling to walking, and has become an expert climber. She also gives herself her milk in the morning and evening, and has been feeding herself for a while, but now we are moving onto her using cutlery. It’s early days, but she’s getting the idea of it. If nothing else, it’s fun to watch!


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