Day 051 – There is sunshine in my soul today

Day 51 – May 7th

The weather forecast had given me hope for today, and even knowing how unreliable it can be, I knew it was going to be a nice day. I was keen to head out with the wife and girls for a walk and enjoy the weather, but it would have to wait until after lunch as I was busy in the morning looking after my friends son J, as I was taking him out. We’d done our usual swim, but I decided to throw in a walk around the Lickey Hills with him too, it was nice out and he likes to walk. I don’t get much chance to take photos when I am watching him, but I can sneak a couple in, and a few was all it took. I got a few nice shots and so put the camera away again until later on.

After lunch we went out for a walk over Clent hills, Olivia loves to stretch her legs over there, and now Chloe is walking I wanted to give her a chance to wear herself out a bit too. With the sun on our skin and fresh air in our lungs, it seemed the perfect end to an afternoon by treating ourselves to an ice cream each on the way home.


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