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Day 049 – So much to do, so little weekend!

Day 49 – May 5th
Ah, the sweet smell of Friday! Nothing like being home nice and early with my girls. The sun is shining, and even though there is a bit of a breeze, its a lovely ride home on the motorbike… well, apart from the usual idiots and BMW drivers on the road that present the usual challenges!

If there is one part of my day that is better than the rest, its the bit when I pull up at home and stick my head in the window to surprise everyone. It used to be that Olivia was excited to see me when I got home, although now she can barely tear herself away from Paw Patrol enough to get out of her seat, I sometimes wonder if shes already 13! Today I got home and found Clare holding Chloe up to the window, she was so excited to see me that I thought she was going to burst! What a lovely welcome home, I’ll take that! 

We spent a bit of time in the garden shortly after I got in, its lovely to see the girls play together and watching Chloe’s walking develop. 


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