365 project, Photography

Day 048 – How quickly they grow

Day 48 – May 4th

Thursdays have recently meant staying late at work, not ideal when I’ve got used to getting home at a nice early 4:30pm most nights. I know its a lot earlier than a lot of my working friends, but they earn more than me, so you take the rough with the smooth! Getting home a little later means that Clare will have already headed out to pick up Olivia from nursery, the only question is who gets home first? As it happened, I did today, but only just. I turned off my motorbike and looked up the road to see a little lady walking along the footpath, with a pushchair following closely behind her!

I like to regularly post photos to my flickr feed, its a nice way to look back on my photos, as I often do. It shows me my photos, along with the date I took them, which camera I used, and what lens I had on the front of it at the time. It seems like five minutes ago that I had a baby and a toddler in the house, but lately its starting to feel like I have a toddler and a little lady under my roof now!

They say time flies, but you never really truly appreciate quite how much until you have kids!

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