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Day 047 – Children make memories, not mess

Day 47 – May 3rd

Feeding the children has become a part of our normal meal time now. Quite often, if we are eating at a sensible time, the girls will eat pretty much what we are eating, making life a lot easier as we are only cooking one meal. As any parent knows though, meal times aren’t always that straight forward. Today happened to be a day where little miss I-will-eat-anything-if-it-stays-still-for-long-enough decided she was going to mess with her meal, and totally refuse her normally favourite yoghurt… that was until we left it on the table, took her out of her high chair and turned our backs.

Suddenly yoghurt was the new favourite thing again!

Only this time she was feeding herself!

It was on the floor, on the chair, on the back of the sofa, on her face, on her clothes…

So she was straight back in the highchair, and seeing as it was bath night, we just left her to it! Thank goodness for laminate flooring, wipe clean furniture and baby wipes! This is why we never had carpet or fabric covered furniture!

Baby wipes… however did we cope without them before we had children? They clean everything!! They truly are amazing, and every household should know their benefits! I think we’ll be buying these long after the girls have grown up!

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