365 project, Photography

Day 046 – Life is beautiful, but sometimes we forget to look

Day 46 – May 2nd

Tuesday for me now generally means two things, firstly I get to walk up to nursery to collect Olivia. Something I generally only get to do during the school holidays due to my job, but now I am starting earlier and finishing earlier I can pick her up again during term time. Its always a nice thing to do, as she is always pleased to see me, and we get to have a nice walk home together. She’s at such a funny age where she just talks and talks about things, no matter how small or trivial. Its lovely to hear the things that were important to her during the day. The sign in todays photo is one that I pass down an alleyway on the way to the nursery, and strangely something I have never noticed before in the three years she has been going there. Its funny how much more you notice when you are walking along with a camera in your hand, looking for something to capture.

My other Tuesday task is hitting the gym, generally after a couple of late nights over the weekend, which is why I usually give myself Monday to recover. I’ve enjoyed getting back into using the gym, which has been absolutely necessary since I bought my motorbike and let my bicycle start to gather dust, in stark contrast to the daily use it was getting taking me to work and back for the last five years. This lack of cycling has caused the jeans to begin to feel a little tighter than they used to, I just need to make sure I am getting to the gym at least twice a week, ideally three times a week, although thats proving tricky at the moment. I am also fighting a dodgy knee, which has really been playing me up lately, and really hindering my running. I am going to have no choice soon, but to dig deep and pay out for an appointment with a sports physio to get it looked at! The knee isn’t encouraging me to head out to the gym often, its affecting my use of so much of the equipment there. Thankfully this evenings particular visit was a fairly pain-free and easy one, which filled me with at least a little bit of hope that it may be recovering.


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