365 project

Day 042 – Just put one foot in front of the other

Day 42 – Apr 28th

Friday is here at last and I waste no time in leaving work and heading home. It always feels nice being home just after 4pm, still plenty of time to play with the girls before they go to bed, or even need their bath!

One thing that has become quickly apparent this week, especially today, is how much Chloe is walking everywhere now. She still has a bit of a wobble, and hasn’t given up on dropping to the floor to crawl somewhere if she wants to get somewhere quickly, but its nice to see the walking actually becoming something of a preference! It means a lot for so many things, like going out for walks as a family, sure it may slow us down a little to have Chloe attempting to do part of it on foot, but at least we can now wear Chloe out a bit too, rather than just carry her everywhere. Not having to put the buggy or carrier in the car means we’ll have so much more space for other things!

Friday is bath night for the girls, and its our goal to get them in and out of the bath, and into bed nice and early so we can settle down and put a film on. We can’t start films too late these days, or I end up watching them on my own. We’d agreed on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for tonight, I’d bought the Blu-Ray a while back and as I hadn’t had time to watch until now, it was only this evening that I realised I’d bought the original version ie in swedish with english subtitles! Just my luck! Thankfully the english version happened to be on Netflix, so all was not lost! Now to kick back and enjoy the start of a long bank holiday weekend!

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