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Day 039 – Its looking a bit black over Bill’s mothers

Day 39 – Apr 25th

Hello there, almost 40 days in and you’re still reading this? I’m touched!

Here in the UK we’re used to the odd bit of freakish weather at various points through out the year, and here we are at the end of April, and the weather forecast is including the word snow in it?? Well, not the first time we’ve seen snow in April, in fact we have some just last year! Thankfully the threats didn’t really come to much, and the sun was still shining as I parked the motorbike up, turned around and headed back out on foot to pick Olivia up from nursery. I always enjoy the walk home from nursery with her, and on the way back we talked about playing outside the front of the house again, like we did yesterday with all the blossom petals, but as we walked back I looked up and saw some ominous dark grey clouds threatening to ruin our fun. Its only a short walk between the nursery and home and it wasn’t long before we got back, still dry, but we’d only been in the house a short while before those grey clouds arrived and very quickly seemed to turn day into night. It had gone so dark outside that I had to turn lights on inside the house, and then came the rain, then some snow, swiftly followed by hail.

After a short while of tutting and mumbling about the fact it was April and that the weather shouldn’t be like this… the sun came back out, the clouds vanished and the sky turned blue again. Crazy weather! Sadly none of this did a lot for my photographic inspiration today, the only thing that grabbed me was the contrast of this tree that was still basking in the light of the sun, against the dark clouds.


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