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Day 037 – That Sunday night feeling

Day 37 – Apr 23rd

So, its over. The end of two lovely weeks off, and we ended it with a BBQ and some family time. With the parents and one of my sisters dropping in, the girls had a lovely afternoon. As the sun came out a little later in the afternoon, and the family had all gone home, we headed out to enjoy a little sunshine and clear away the toys. Sunday afternoon in the garden was fun, especially now Chloe is crawling about, exploring and trying to walk on the grass. She is also trying to copy her big sister by walking UP the slide, and not doing a bad job of it for someone who is only 14 months old! Her expressions are priceless, and I know I take too many photos of them, but one day, when they are both grown up and have moved out, these will be priceless to me, and will bring back many happy memories and lots of smiles, and quite possibly even a few tears. I’m a sentimental old fool!

Then the girls are in bed, the house has gone quiet, and its Sunday evening. Many people speak of that dreaded “Sunday night feeling”, not particularly a whole bunch of fun after the weekend, but even less fun after two weeks off. I tried not to think about Monday at all, just put the thought right out of my head. Obviously I can’t ignore it that much that I neglect turning my alarms back on, or give some consideration to the following days lunch, but other than that, I am otherwise ignoring the fact that its back to the grindstone in the morning. I intend to sleep well tonight, not tossing and turning like I used to on a Sunday evening.

Of course, this isn’t to say that I hate my job, far from it, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I do quite enjoy my job for the most part. Its rewarding, fun, and the hours aren’t bad. Sure, its tough at times, challenging, and harder when changes are implemented that you don’t necessarily agree with, but I can deal with all that in the morning when I get there. For now, I certainly don’t want to sacrifice any family time with my girls by worrying about Monday when its still only Sunday. They deserve my full attention while I am at home.

So, alarm clocks back on: Check

Lets see what tomorrow has in store for us!

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