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Day 035 – All good things must come to an end

Day 35 – Apr 21st

If you exclude the weekend, here we have the end of the easter holidays… poof…. gone in a flash! Two weeks done, but we have had a lovely time, it has been two weeks with my wife and girls, catching up with family and friends.It feels like we’ve done a lot, although there are so many people we still didn’t get to see!

Friday was one day that we had no arrangements to see anyone, and so we opted to visit Sheldon country park, theres the cafe, the play area and a lovely walk up to the end of the runway where the park meets Birmingham International Airport. It wasn’t particularly warm or sunny, meaning that at least the car park wasn’t full, but it was still pleasant enough for a walk. I always enjoy watching the planes take off and land, it reminds me of when I used to do it as a child when we used to go for a Sunday lunch time drink with my parents at a social club under the landing path of the runway, and me and my sister would play outside. We got so excited as the planes flew close overhead and the engines roared past us. Olivia is used to the noise now, but apparently Chloe was somewhat caught off guard by this and got quite upset each time a plane went overhead. With some lunch at the cafe thrown in, a walk around to see the few farm animals they had and a run around the play area, it was time to head home with two very tired girls in the back of the car!


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