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Day 034 – waiting for silence to happen

Day 34 – Apr 20th

My attempts at getting to bed early recently have been stalled, as we have a new surge of teeth coming through with Chloe and her sleep has been a little tempremental. Thankfully, any waking up and crying seem to be before we go to bed anyway, and so is easily resolved with a cuddle and a dummy. Plus we have also started getting Olivia up recently, just before I go to bed so she can use the toilet, in an attempt to keep her dry through the night as she is now finally out of pull ups. She’s generally pretty good anyway, but she’s such a heavy sleeper that she doesn’t always wake up when she needs to go, and me staying up a bit longer to take her as late as possible before I hit the sack is a better alternative than being woken at 4am by either a “daddy I need a wee!” or the worst case scenario “daddy my beds all wet!”

Today had been a quiet kinda day, Olivia was at nursery, and Clare was out for lunch with friends, so it was just me and Chloe for the afternoon… that was until she decided it was nap time. Then it was just me! There was a ton of things I could be getting on with, but you just never know how long nap time is going to last, and I didn’t really want to start something I couldn’t finish… although that to-do list isn’t getting any shorter! Where does the time go?


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