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Day 033 – I want to grow old with you

Day 33 – Apr 19th

Catching up with friends has been what this easter break has been all about, although we’re almost at the end of it and we haven’t caught up with nearly enough people! Today we were catching up with one of Clare’s school friends and her family, and as we hadn’t seen them properly for a while, we decided to make a bit of a day of it in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

We met up close to the river, and a short walk led us nicely up to lunch time. Our first restaurant was especially expensive, in hindsight we should have checked the menu BEFORE we sat down and ordered drinks, and with a limited menu the noise from the building work going on next door did little to make us want to stay. After paying for the drinks and moving on we found a great place to eat, and really enjoyed lunch before trying to walk it all off again taking a stroll along the river side.

We crossed the river and headed back up, stopping off at Shakespeare’s burial place, before finally heading to the play area where they children let off a little bit of steam after a somewhat slow and leisurely amble along the riverside.

Todays photo was a shot I grabbed of an elderly couple who seemed completely lost and entirely happy with feeding the swans on the side of the river. More birds kept arriving, but the couple took it all in their stride. Whenever they were born, whatever they had done with their lives, it had all brought them here, to this moment. Together. And they looked happy because of it. I just hope I am still out walking along the river, feeding the ducks with my wonderful wife when I am that old.

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