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Day 031 – What you’re looking for isn’t aways what you find

Day 31 – Apr 17th

Catching up with pregnant friends always feels like such precious time. A time where distractions are minimal and you can talk about things other than how much sleep they’ve had or how many times they’ve been puked on that morning. There’s the excitement of preparation, the uncertainty of how life will change for them, their thoughts on how they’re going to cope once this pandora’s box of mystery arrives. Inevitably your relationships will suffer a bit as well, as much as we don’t want to.

The fact is, when those little people arrive, they turn everything on its head, and suddenly become the absolute and complete centre of attention for the mother and father, and rightly so, especially when its the parents first ever baby, and they are now entering a new and very foreign world. With the first baby you are constantly questioning if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re even qualified for the job at all, how you’re going to keep them alive again for yet another 24hrs, do they have a cold/temperature/ plague, how you’d recognise if you weren’t doing it right, realising the fact that everyone’s suddenly an expert on parenting and babies and happy to share their “wisdom and knowledge” and tell you how you should be doing things, when in reality they should probably keep their nose out as they’ll never know your baby like you do, and besides you’re not an idiot anyway, you can figure this stuff out. Its no wonder new parents don’t get enough sleep.

Our friends have this all to come, and we are still going through it now, little Chloe is happy as anything during the day, but keeps waking up in tears during the night. Problem solving it is actually harder than it looks. For the moment anyway, they have no baby and ours are fairly well behaved, enough for us all to enjoy a walk and pub lunch together. After lunch we drifted in the direction of the park, passing Warwick Castle, which I did get a fairly nice photo of, but I’ve already used a castle photo this week, so I walk on and find this little doorway, knowing its almost certainly my shot for the day!


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