365 project

Day 030 – Happy Chocolate-egg-for-breakfast day!

Day 30 – Apr 16th

Easter Sunday, the day kids all around country get to finally tuck into the eggs that the parents managed to sneakily resist eating on the promise “weeeeeell, I’ll replace it before easter!”. For many a very religious significant day, for other its all about those chocolate eggs, and for some… well, its just Sunday isn’t it?!

I can’t personally claim to get very excited about easter, apart from indulging the sickening amount of chocolate that everyone eats, and rejoicing the fact that its suddenly acceptable, and almost expected, to eat chocolate for breakfast! Not a good time to be “cutting back on the calories”, for sure, which I’ve been trying to do lately, and failing miserably at!! I thought I’d eaten fairly sensibly for a few days, but my weight has somehow crept up higher than its ever been before! Jeans are getting tight, I’m making louder noises than before when I bend over and opinionated friends are making comments! It’s time to take drastic action!

For today though, its off to the grandparents for Easter Sunday lunch, turkey with all the trimmings, and we even dressed the girls up to look smart, not that Olivia needs any excuse to climb into a party dress and do a little twirl!!

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