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Day 029 – Lets not waste the day

Day 29 – Apr 15th

So with our Saturday plans cancelled at the last minute, we now have a day free as a family, and what to do with it? The weather is dry, and the world is at our disposal (within the usual confines of toddler naps and lunchtimes!) all we have to take into consideration is our budget and travelling times. We’d left it too late for a road trip down to the beach, and didn’t want to blow a small fortune on theme parks, especially as Chloe wouldn’t get much out of them. In the end we agreed on the local zoo, good old Dudley Zoo and Castle. I’d heard that it was looking a little dated and tired, but in its favour, its just up the road, and we had a voucher allowing one adult free admission.

Getting ready to go out with children is always painfully slow when you are in a hurry, so many things to remember, and forgetting any one of them can make it an awkward day out. Getting the girls ready, getting ourselves ready, Chloe needing her nap, making lunch, loading the car… it all seemed to be dragging on, and at one point I was ready to give up and go to the park instead, and I could see Clare was also losing interest in the idea. In the end we made the decision to press on, we were doing this! Off to the zoo we go!

It was a really nice day out, lots of fresh air and walking, plus a fair few hills to get up and down as anyone who has been to Dudley Zoo will know, made all the more fun by carrying/pushing children. Yes, the zoo itself was looking a little dated and tired, as I’d heard friends describe it, but there was a good selection of animals, plus access to the castle was included, and lots of information on the animals and history of the area.

So todays photo was a shot of the castle as we left it and headed back to the car. Yeah, we’ll be back again!


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