365 project

Day 023 – What more could you ask for

Day 23 – Apr 9th

One of the things I did in preparation for the wife and I having our first baby was to enrol in some NCT antenatal classes. They weren’t free, but they were worth it, and we came away feel empowered with enough knowledge to prepare us for the minefield ahead, and more importantly we also came away with a whole new friendship group that we have managed to stay in touch with for almost four years now. A really cool bunch of people, along the way we’ve met up for lunches and birthdays, dads nights out, moms coffee mornings, and have been able to not only support each other, but also watch all the children grow up and be able to welcome their new siblings to the group.

It was one such sibling who was celebrating the 2nd birthday today, and the party was a fantastic afternoon out in the sunshine, on what felt like the warmest day of the year so far. The kids had plenty to do, including paddling pools, trampolines, play houses and with plenty of party food and drinks available, it was very enjoyable for the adults too.

It felt like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, as a family, in the company of good friends, with the sun warming our skin. With Clare agreeing to drive home, I even took advantage of the warm weather and tucked into a few ciders. Not something I drink very often, but on a hot, sunny afternoon they are unbeatable!

How did everyone else spend their Sunday in the sun?


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