Day 022 – Its not real Daddy, its just pretend!

Day 22 – Apr 8th

Sometimes plans don’t always go ahead, I guess telling the people you’re planning to visit in advance gives you a better chance of them being available. This oversight left our Saturday free at the last minute, and with the weather looking good and no other plans I decided to drag the family out to the Wyre Forest for a picnic and a walk around the Gruffalo trail.

I’d been meaning to take the girls for a while after meeting friends there a few months back and finding out about the Gruffalo trail, especially as we’d watched the Gruffalo almost on a daily basis at one point, and read the book countless times.

We were a little late leaving the house, and with the weather being so sunny and pleasant, I fully expected the car park to be full when we got there, and was very thankful that after 45 minutes of driving we arrived to find plenty of spaces still left. With the car locked up, and a quick toilet stop, we grabbed a few ice creams from the cafe before setting off along the trail. Olivia was a trooper and walked the whole way around, while Chloe enjoyed the view from a rucksack style carrier. This carrier was a great little investment, Chloe loves being in it and I just want to make sure it gets plenty of use before she outgrows it, unlike some of the clothing she’s been bought in the last year! It was great to enjoy nature, some fresh air and get some sun on our skin. I can’t wait for Chloe to be a bit more steady on her feet so she can do some walking too!


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