365 project

Day 021 – Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so

Day 21 – Apr 7th

Friday, and not just any Friday, but the type of Friday that means it is the end of term and you now have whole two weeks off work! The weather is starting to pick up and set to be quite nice over the weekend, warm and dry, leaving me watching the clock at work, ready for the end of the day. Before I could jump on the motorbike and head home to see my girls, there were leaving drinks at a local pub straight after work for a colleague. I hadn’t planned on staying long, but knew that once I was there I’d regret my decision not to stay longer. Its not very often I get out for drinks with work friends, and tonight was going to be one of those nights I knew I should have been more involved in. To further add to the dilemma, and one
of the reasons I wasn’t going to stay late for the after work drinks, was that I’d had a last minute invite to another work colleagues 60th birthday party for the evening. In between the after work drinks and the evening party I headed home to see the family, and spend a bit of time with the girls before putting them to bed. In the end it was nice to have made it out to both events, and some people did and even headed back out into town to carry on the celebrations, but I had the car with me, and did not want to spend the weekend in bed dying from a “hangover from hell” as we had lots on and the girls deserve my attention!

Maybe next time!


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