365 project

Day 019 – Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Day 19 – Apr 5th

Hump daaaayyyyy! AH yes, the turning point of the working week, giving us a little hope that the Monday feeling is far behind us and the weekend is on its way!

The weather is starting to improve and with British Summer Time now in effect, sunset is already at 8pm and getting later. This gives me plenty of opportunities to play outside with the girls, as both of them love being outdoors and Olivia takes no convincing! We opt to go for a little walk while Clare gets the dinner ready, and although Olivia rarely leaves the house without her scooter these days, today she opts for the dolls pram in a bit of a shocking move! Immediately I see this as something that will probably last for about 90 seconds before she gets bored and I am asked to carry it and get stuck with it for the entire rest of the walk, as is often the case, but a firm warning that I am having nothing to do with it and she will have to push it the whole way is good enough for me to think that she’s got the message. To her credit, the walk turned into quite a long one, and she actually pushed this pram the whole way without any complaint! We took a route up to the local shop before heading on to the in-laws as Olivia was insisting we say hello… and also to use the toilet, as the large bottle of strawberry flavoured water that I’d been conned into buying at the shop was beginning to look less and less like a good idea! Thankfully the grandparents saved the day and we were soon off home again, just in time for tea! I’d lugged the camera round with me the whole way, whilst also carrying Chloe in the carrier on my back. I got a few snaps, but in the end settled on this portrait of Chloe while we were in the house as todays photo. Isn’t she gorgeous!?


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