365 project

Day 017 – Sometimes all you need is just a little sunshine

Day 17 – Apr 3rd

Well if you really must face Monday and get dragged back into the working week, as you watch the weekend disappear off into the distance like the bus that you were running after but just weren’t quick enough to catch, you may as well start it with a bit of an unexpected bonus. A trip out to the sea life centre that had pretty much been overlooked and had essentially gone unnoticed until the last minute, on top of the fact that the sun was out, making it a warm and quite pleasant afternoon gave me quite a rather happy start to the week.

Sadly the good vibe was only to last as long as the trip itself, as we were given some news when we got back to work regarding some changes that were about to take place. These changes impacted things, not just for the remainder of the summer term, but most likely for the whole of next year too. Something I can do little about, and certainly don’t want to discuss on here, as I have no idea who actually reads this, but its fair to say that its not the news I was hoping for and left me feeling a bit grumpy to say the least!

Still, you have to remember that change happens, and if you can’t do much about it then you have to find a way to accept it. At least the sunshine and warmth lasted and made for a very pleasant ride home on the motorbike as soon as I could escape for the day!

Todays photo was taken in the city centre, whilst we were waiting for transport back to work, and was taken and edited solely on my iPhone. Its fair to say that the iPhone is not a bad camera, and after processing the image on the Snapseed app to boost the contrast, saturation and sharpness, and then pushing it through the Prisma app, I was more than pleased with the result. Prisma is starting to gain a bit of momentum, and does a fantastic job for a free app, creating many artistic effects and putting a very different spin on your photos. I took full advantage of the free stuff I had on my phone to edit this photo, and it came out rather well. As they say, the best camera you own is the one you have with you!


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