365 project

Day 016 – Family is everything

Day 16 – Apr 2nd

Families, you can’t pick or choose them, and everyone has one, whether they like it or not! They’re funny things, some are big, some are small, some are close, some can’t stand talking to each other, and some are just plain odd!

I have a reasonable sized family, and like everyones, its a dynamic thing. It never stays the same, often they grow when new people join through marriage or babies are born, and then they shrink when people pass away or couples split up. When I was you family was a very big thing for me, I often spent weekend and school holidays in the company of grandparents and cousins, we spent days playing together, and frequently got together for things like bonfire night, birthdays, engagements, new years eve. As the years went on the family began to see less of each other for various reasons that I won’t go into here, but the belief that family was very important stayed with me. Now I have my own, my wife and two daughters, plus my sisters, mother and in-laws, and I want my girls to grow up spending time with their family, the grandparents, the cousins, making memories with them like I did.

Today happened to be a big day for the family, the 18th birthday of my gorgeous niece Niamh. The celebrations were a bit last minute, but thankfully my sister got everyone together for a lovely meal and the Loco Lounge in Kings Heath. It was our first time there, and we were very impressed. Very cool place, super friendly staff and very family orientated, they even had games and books out for the kids to play with! Both my sisters were there, my mom and her partner, even one of my cousins turned up. It was a lovely afternoon, and everyone had a great time. Niamh wasn’t expecting anyone else to be there, and looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I took my camera, but was conscious that I didn’t want to be observing the evening through a 3″ screen, as can often be the case, so I left it alone for most of the night. I grabbed a few snaps through the afternoon and then put the camera down again. Its important to embrace what is in front of you, and who you are with, rather than getting lost with the task of trying to capture every single detail. I did grab a wonderful photo of Niamh embracing her mom, and although it wasn’t a shot I was looking for, it was very much right place, right time, I knew I’d got something special. There was only one thing left for it… black and white!

Sadly all good things must come to and end, and while the timing was perfect for my two little girls, their bedtime was calling and we had to be the first to leave. I hope we can do something like that again soon!


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