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Day 013 – always remember what makes you happy

Day 13 – Mar 30th

I’m sure most of us have had those days where you wake up and feel good, and think “today is going to be a good day”, it seems like there’s no reason for it not to. 

Then, in the blink of an eye it slaps you in the face. 

That was my Thursday morning. Getting out of the house reasonably on time was a good start, the weather forecast was warm and sunny, and the traffic on the way to work was light. So I set off on the motorbike, and it wasn’t long before I caught up with my work buddy who also takes the same route on his bike, and soon we were weaving through the traffic together.

That was until a rattle, a grind and a total loss of power… the chain had come off my motorbike and it was stuck! On the plus side, it hadn’t caused me to come flying off or suddenly stop in front of a moving car. My friend stopped his bike to see if he could help, and thankfully although I am no mechanic and certainly know nothing about fixing motorbikes, I had a multitool on me that could fix the problem. I was soon on my way to work again, but the slack chain that caused the problem was still loose and come off again at any point.

A work colleague was able to help me tighten the chain, so the bike was safe again before I left work to head home. I had avoided a potentially serious accident and a hefty recovery or garage bill. I was later home than I’d hoped to be, but the outcome was good and when I got home I was greeted by the smiling faces of my two girls, and suddenly the world is a good place again. Safe in my home with my ladies, the problems of the planet all seem confined to the tv screen for a little while.


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