Day 012 – We haven’t heard the last of this yet

Day 12 – Mar 29th

So Brexit is done. We’ve had the referendum, we had the discussions, debates, arguments, name calling and insults. There has been celebrations and sobbing, but now the infamous article 50 has been triggered we’ve essentially boarded a metaphorical train, we’re on a journey we can’t control, and all we can do is sit back and watch.

Much to some people’s frustration, the doomsday-like predictions of planes falling from the sky and dinosaurs coming back to life hasn’t actually happened yet. The economy hasn’t collapsed and people got up and went to work the next day, just like they always did. Generally, for most people life hasn’t been too heavily impacted by the whole Brexit thing. Of course, you must forget about the handful of racists who think this is all a green light to wind the clock back 50 years and believe we’ve closed the borders to the whole world in our quest to “take back Britain”… bless them, poor sad little individuals!

Hopefully now though, people will begin to accept that there isn’t much that can be done about this anymore for a while at least, so we may as well just stop all the name calling, quit judging each other, and just all start to get along. Hopefully the media can quickly find a new story to cling on to, and stop harping on about the same old thing. I do like to try and keep up with the news when I can, but

That’s about as political as you’re likely to see me get on this blog. If politics is your thing, you’re most definitely in the wrong place!

One thing I did do recently involving politics, was after a friend on Facebook made a post about badger culling and encouraged people to contact our local MP to call for a ban on the badger cull, something I believe is cruel and doesn’t work very well anyway. I was totally NOT expecting a response of any description, especially an email from his secretary a week later, followed a few days later by a letter in the post from the MP himself on House of Commons letter-headed paper! Strewth!


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