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Day 011 – Success must never be measured by how much money you have

Day 11 – Mar 28th

Payday at last! Its a nice feeling when you know there’s a bit of money in the bank, even if the bills do all go out in a few days time! With two, yes two nights out this weekend, I can relax a bit and enjoy both of them. These days they are a bit more low key than they used to be, and the night not ending at 3am, involving numerous shots and a curry, the hole in your bank account the following morning doesn’t sting quite as much! Fridays drinks are celebrating one of the reasons our nights out are less frequent, and inevitably end earlier than they used to… wetting the baby’s head! A new addition to our group of friends calls for a few drinks to be raised, and with one of our friends having taken over a local pub, it seems the obvious place to head for, although its not beyond the realms of possibility that we may still end up drifting into the city, just less likely than it used to be two or three years ago! So what changed? Work? The fact that virtually all of us have children now? The fact that we’ve pretty much all turned 40? Or most likely a combination of all three?

Still, a good nights sleep has left me feeling fully recovered from the weekend germs and a trip to the gym should ensure another good nights sleep. Since putting this AutoSleep app on my phone, I am becoming a little too obsessed with my sleeping patterns, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can’t be a bad thing, can it!? Sleep is important, I’ve just never given this much consideration to it before, but then I’ve never been quite this tired before. Especially when you’re woken up at 4am by a little voice coming from your bedroom door whispering the words “I need a wee!”. Its great that she’s getting up to use the toilet though, and we’ve now just got to make the move to getting rid of the pull-ups altogether. I think another week of dry nights and we’re going to just have to go for it! Parents we’ve spoke to say, “don’t wait, just do it!” and I think we might have to, we’ve waited long enough and keep getting put off by the odd accident here and there. Maybe the knowledge that she has no pull-up on will be enough to stop 90% of the accidents? Only one way to find out!

So, the gym trip felt good this evening, I need to make sure I get in again before the weekend. I’ve been struggling to get in more than once a week in the last month or so thanks to a variety of germs and other reasons. The time of day doesn’t help a great deal, its not ideal going in the evening, but its just not practical to do it in the morning, especially once the girls are up! I really do get a great nights sleep after I’ve been though, especially when its close to bedtime! Plus it takes away my snacking guilt, if only it too away my snacking urges too!


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