365 project

Day 010 – Some days you just don’t have the energy

Day 10 – Mar 27th

Todays photo kinda represents how I’ve felt all day. After feeling rough on Sunday, and then having a bad nights sleep, I am not feeling too healthy going into Monday morning, but battle on anyway and haul my ass into work. I don’t like calling in sick at the best of times, and if theres any chance I may start to feel better before lunch, I don’t want to sit around the house feeling guilty that I am not at work. Its not even something my mother taught me, when I was at school she was always telling me to stay at home if I didn’t feel well, but I went in anyway.

I find myself obsessing with my sleep a lot now as well, a friend of mine recommended the AutoSleep app for the iphone which uses the Apple Watch to monitor your sleep and report back in the morning on how restless you were, how much deep sleep you have had and overall how effective your nights sleep was. If nothing else it has made me take a serious look at what time I am actually taking myself to bed in the evening and how something simple like having a few drinks in the evening before bed can mean I don’t sleep so well during the night. This is often the first thing I check in the morning now, even ahead of any social media apps, and just knowing I have had a really good nights sleep can put me in a really positive “go get ’em” kinda mood! Alternatively, knowing I’ve had a bad nights sleep isn’t hugely inspiring, and by 9am I am already thinking to myself “Pfft! I am DONE with today!”.

I am loving the combination of apps that work with both my iPhone and my Apple Watch though, in particular the health and fitness ones, and I need to be taking advantage of those more than ever now. I know I am definitely heavier than I have been for a while, potentially heavier than I have ever been before, and I am actively avoiding the weighing scales to dodge having this confirmed! I just need to be germ free for a while to get back to the gym, I’ve hardly been in the last month, and its starting to make me feel a bit guilty! This isn’t helped much by the dad podge around my stomach that has started to appear now. I am well aware that if I want to turn this body into a temple then there is work to be done, and I have the technology and the apps to help me, providing I make sure I use them all the time!

Now where’s that gym bag?!

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