365 project

Day 008 – And then the house fell quiet again

Day 8 – Mar 25th

Saturday morning rolls around and its cake and coffee morning, the event set up by my wife to raise money for Target Ovarian Cancer. She has been busy inviting people, baking cakes and getting the house ready, as well as organising raffles and the like for during the day. Its 10:50am… the house is tidy, clean and ready to go… and quiet! We just keep our fingers crossed that someone turns up, and they do! By 11:30am the house is almost full, and in the lovely sunshine people are already wondering out into the garden. I am designated as the tea boy and left to make drinks for everyone, and the day goes in a flash. Suddenly its the afternoon, the house is empty and we’ve made a whole lot of money for charity, far more than we expected thanks to everyones generosity. To make things even better, we’d kept on top of tidying as we went along and there was almost nothing left to do at the end of it. The event simply couldn’t have gone any better, with the exception of a couple of people who couldn’t make it due to not being well.

It was fun, but exhausting, and so instead of cooking, we decided it was definitely an evening for a take away!


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