365 project, Photography

Day 007 – Anyone can make good things happen

Day 7 – Mar 24th

The working week is over, and my first week of 365 photos is complete, which is always a relief as its the early days that inevitably prove to be the toughest on a year long challenge like this. Its Friday night and time to put final preparations in place for our charity cake & coffee morning on Saturday. I say “our” cake & coffee morning, but this has been totally engineered and pushed forward by Clare, I’ve just been around to support her and help with some details, but can’t take any credit for it. The least I can do is make sure everything is where it needs to be and where she wants it. So once the girls are in bed on Friday night, its time to tidy and move things, and get the table set up and ready for all the sweet sugary goodness that is going to be on it in the morning. Its going to be lovely seeing our friends and family turn up to support us in raising money for charity, and the wife is putting all her effort into Target Ovarian Cancer to help raise awareness since the shock diagnosis of her mom before Christmas. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good day.


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