365 project, Photography

Day 006 – Brighter days are coming

Day 6 – Mar 23rd

Here in the UK we are on the verge of spring arriving, and at the weekend the clocks go forward for British Summer Time, also known as Daylight Savings Time an idea thought up by a man called William Willet in 1907, it was finally passed by parliament in 1916. Pop trivia fact, William Willet is actually the great great grandfather of Coldplay’s Chris Martin!

So with spring almost here, and the days getting significantly longer, its really nice to start seeing some more sunlight at last in what has been a fairly wet, misty and windy end to the winter. The flower seeds I planted a number of weeks ago are all thriving and soon it will be warm enough to plant them out, much to the relief of the wife who is thoroughly sick of seeing them sat on the windowsill!

Todays photo was one I caught of my daughter as she sat near the wonderful light coming in from the front window. There is a real sweet spot near this window which has produced some fantastic light in the right conditions and made for some of my favourite photos!


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