365 project

Day 004 – Its not always black and white

Day 4 – Mar 21st

Day 4, and a day like many other, except for now with the added pressure of finding a daily photo again.

It is lovely that even though the weather is still a bit unsettled, that it is obvious spring is on the way. We are starting to see a few more sunny days, and it is so nice riding home in the daylight. Being on two wheels you always feel a little more vulnerable, and knowing that daylight gives drivers the best chance of seeing you adds a little reassurance to my journey.

Some people see two wheels as a menace, and some drivers show an unhealthy level of arrogance about who should or shouldn’t be using the road, to the point that you just cannot reason with them, as logic seems to have gone completely out of the window. They seem to forget that the person sitting on those two wheels is actually a human being, just like them, who is going to or from a place of work, just like them, and just wants to get home to see their family at the end of the day, just like them. As much as I love being on two wheels, I am very mindful of the fact that my primary goal is getting home alive to see my girls.

So when I walk in through the door, my first thought is always of seeing my two daughters, and nothing makes me happier than cuddles from both of them. I can’t neglect my wonderful wife of course, but she knows the girls come first, as they do for her ahead of me, obviously.

But, as the wife said to me when I started this project, try not to make the 365 project just about photos of the girls, try and get something different. So here is a lovely mugshot of me… black and white to make it arty!


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