365 project

Day 003 – No Mom, I can do it myself

Day 3 – Mar 20th

Monday, the black sheep of the working week. It does itself no favours by always ruining a good weekend! This particular Monday saw the two people I work alongside not being in, leaving me to muddle my way through things for a few days. Things should be better by the end of the week, and by then the weekend will be knocking on the door again! This coming weekend is a also a special one for several reasons, especially mothers everywhere… well in the UK at least, American moms, you ladies have to wait, but over this side of the pond it is Mothers Day on Sunday. A chance to recognise the hard work and effort that moms put in every day, often they’d believe unnoticed, although we always notice, we perhaps just don’t acknowledge it enough.

Todays photo is one little lady who does appreciate it though, and she loves when mommy lets her feed herself… even if it is tomato pasta. So what if the sauce goes everywhere, thats what the washing machine is for, right?! Her smile says it all, and she smiles and laughs so much now, very much the opposite of the grumpy baby who used to cry and whinge all the time! She has come a long way in the last couple of months, the teething seems to have subsided, she’s eating well and handling her food with none of the trapped wind issues she was previously being woken up in the middle of the night with. She doesn’t wake up crying any more, and really loves her cuddles… and the best bit, she sleeps through the night pretty much every night, the parents dream!


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