365 project

Day 002 – another journey around the sun calls for some cake!

Sunday can only mean one thing, a 3rd birthday party for our niece has finally rolled around, and Olivia can’t wait to join in on a bit of soft play fun with her cousin! Thankfully she had forgotten about her desire (and she doesn’t need much of an excuse) to put on a party dress, as they’re not very practical for climbing on the soft play equipment! The kids burnt off some energy, got fed and ended up with a slice of the Paw Patrol birthday cake, while some pretty amazing cupcakes were reserved for the adults. It was a good day… well, until the sugar rush from the crazy cupcake had worn off!

Then it was home to enjoy a Sunday meal together as a family, before throwing the girls in the bath and sending them off to bed early.

Suddenly its Sunday night again and time to reflect on the weekend, and wonder where the hell it all went, and even question if its actually Sunday at all, or do I (hopefully) have my days mixed up! Sadly this is never the case, and I inevitably have to accept the grim reality that the weekend has gone, vanished, disappeared, and when I do finally next wake up next it will be Monday morning again, about as far from Friday afternoon as the working week can be! Its not that I don’t like my job, I just miss time at home with my girls and the wife. Still, at least I have the benefit of being able to enjoy the Friday night feeling, something I never had when I left and went to work in retail for a few years, but thats a story for another day!


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