365 project

Day 001 – its back! 365 photos to document the year!

Day 1 – Mar 18th
Okay, so most 365 projects are started on the 1st of January, almost like its a photographers new years resolution to make sure they pick up the camera every day and complete a project. I have completed three of these 365 projects now, and know I can do it, and after the last one I decided to take a break, because as much as I enjoyed it, it can become a burden having to make sure that every single day you’ve not only picked up your camera, but taken a photo worth talking about! Last year I uploaded my photos in bulk and put a big post about all the photos that were included in it, but I missed the daily uploads and short blogs, so I am going to attempt that format again and see how it goes!

This photo was from a flower stand set up at the Photography Show at the NEC for people to practise their flower shots and macro images. I Have done enough close up shots of flowers for now, and may well end up doing some throughout the year anyway, so I don’t want to burn out on day one! Normally I drive there and get fleeced on the parking, this year I went on the motorbike and could park for free which was a real bonus!

Shortly after getting home we all headed out as a family to see our friends new little baby, a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


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