What has been and what will be…

After a break in the blogging I thought it was a long overdue return to the world of the spoken thought. Things slowed right down after I finished my previous photography project, the 365 which turned into a 366 project after I’d neglected to notice that it was a leap year!

The big thing to happen since then end of the project was our little girl turning one year old, and she seems to have turned into such a little character since then. Parenting has thankfully become a whole lot of fun again, Olivia sometimes seems to act older than the three years old that she is, and Chloe is developing a real personality. She is always on the move, eager to climb everything, chasing cuddles and affection, playing with her big sister, it really is sweet to watch. We’ve even got back into a decent sleep routine, both girls are in bed and asleep by 8pm and we rarely see or hear from either of them before 7am, and as a parent of a small child and a toddler there isn’t much more you can ask for!

More recently we’ve made an improvement to the house, and taken out our front garden and put in its place a nice, shiny new driveway!

Its not quite the small bedroom extension we were originally hoping for, but thats something that can wait a little longer. Having two girls within a couple of years of each other means that sharing a bedroom for a few years is a distinct and easy possibility, bunk beds will make the most of the floor space for the duration.

So, what WILL be, for the year ahead… well, we’re already into March, so its hardly a full year we’re talking about, but for 2017 one of the things I am looking at is aiming to get my full motorbike license, meaning I can take the L plates from my humble little 125 and use a motorway if I need to, and it leaves me free to choose any size bike that I want when the time comes to upgrade. Later in the year we also have to start considering looking at places for Olivia in local schools, and she will be more than ready to start by the time it comes around. She is already doing so well with drawing, numbers, writing and even her use of technology (the iPad usage is something we have to try and regulate to ensure she doesn’t get carried away!) and the time spent in nursery has helped with both her learning and her social skills.

I am also thinking about starting another photography project, which I know I have mentioned before, but I am really missing having a camera in my hand some days. Documenting the first year of each of the girls lives was lovely, I want to keep it up!

One thing that I need to work on over the rest of the year (as he looks at the clock and knows he should be getting off to bed pretty soon!) is my sleep. I haven’t been getting enough for years, and have been kidding myself about how much I really need. Now I have been introduced to a sleep app which works with my iPhone and my Apple Watch, to monitor my sleep patterns and how much sleep I actually get. It has made me aware of what I am getting by on and the fact that I am constantly starting my day not fully charged! So on that note, I need to stop making excuses and get to bed!


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