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The final post of the… wait, WHAT? Its a project 366?!?

So here we are at the end of the project, the final post, and I have suddenly realised that this has actually been a project 366 and I completely overlooked the fact that 2016 had been a leap year! How did I not notice?? I even did a photo for February 29th and was still oblivious, although in my defence we did have a three week old baby in the house when that date rolled around!

Anyway, the end is here now, and what a hell of a year it has been. The photos I’ve put on here aren’t going to win me any prizes, but they have been representative of my day for the most part. We’ve had the arrival of Chloe, Olivia’s birthday, Chloe’s Christening, my new motorbike, several weddings. Looking back on them has been fascinating, maybe I should save my favourites for the next blog post.

357: Clare is out visiting at the hospital again, and I have the job of looking after the ladies. Still very grateful for naptime and Chloe giving us at least an hour in the morning to focus on other things. This gives me the time to get the sandwich toaster out, and introduce Olivia to the wonderful world of toasted sandwiches. They’re a hit!

Day 357 - Dec 28th
Day 357 – Dec 28th

358: Its another lazy day at home. When its cold and grey outside, sometimes you just don’t feel like going anywhere, and with Clare still popping out at the hospital at least once a day, there aren’t many chances to do anything when you are stuck at home with two little girls in their pyjamas, no car and nothing much in walking distance! Still, my two little ladies keep me entertained, and this one is really starting to develop a personality now!

Day 358 - Dec 29th
Day 358 – Dec 29th

359: The problem with two weeks off work is that I don’t have work to get up for in the morning, meaning I am all too tempted by a “few drinks before bed”! I was lucky enough to get a bottle of JD from father christmas, and the biggest challenge is making it last during the festive period. I didn’t do very well at this part!

Day 359 - Dec 30th
Day 359 – Dec 30th

360: 2016 draws to an end, although it is not the end of my 365 366 project, as I had started a few days into the year. This year sees us marking the end of the year, and my friends wife’s 40th birthday with a party. Not the party we’d planned, as that had to be cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, so a house party had to do.

Day 360 - Dec 31st
Day 360 – Dec 31st

361: With Clare staying at home and going to bed early on New Years Eve, which she genuinely prefers, we had our own mini celebration the following night with a big bottle of fizz given to us as a present. I’m very disappointed to say that we didn’t finish it!

Day 361 - Jan 1st
Day 361 – Jan 1st

362: Two weeks has gone so quickly! Damn! Thats christmas and new year all wrapped up, so we’re off to make the most of bank holiday monday by visiting some friends so our girls can play together. It was getting dark as we left, and I thankfully had my camera with me, and managed to grab this shot. I love the fact that you can not only see the dark side of the moon, but you can also see Venus below and to the right, and Mars above and to the left! Great for nerds like me!

Day 362 - Jan 2nd
Day 362 – Jan 2nd

363: First day back at work, not ideal as our class teacher is off, and we had to bumble our way through the day. Then I get home to find all the christmas decorations down and ready for the loft. The house looks bigger and tidier, but I do miss having everything up. Normally it feels like we’ve had the stuff up for ages when it finally comes down, but this year it feels like we’ve only just put it up and suddenly its all down again, even though we’d put it up a week early!

Day 363 - Jan 3rd
Day 363 – Jan 3rd

364: The garage, still a mess, and a stark reminder of what I didn’t get done over the holidays. The to-do lists seem to be more of a gesture these days, as crossing anything off them is a cause for celebration!

Day 364 - Jan 4th
Day 364 – Jan 4th

365: The things that happen while you’re out at work! Today we had our new smart energy meters fitted. I am liking the display box showing how much you’re using. It certainly makes you think about leaving things on!

Day 365 - Jan 5th
Day 365 – Jan 5th

366: The final post of the project, and it kinda reflects the unknown destination of the journey ahead. With a 365 project (or 366 in this case) you focus on a single year and look at it on a day to day basis, but even when you think you have things all sewn up, life can still throw you a curve ball. So be ready for anything and enjoy each and every day. Its always important to plan for the future, try not to dwell on the past, but most of all don’t forget to live for the moment!

Day 366 - Jan 6th
Day 366 – Jan 6th

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