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project 365: almost done days 329 -342

329: Sometimes ya just struggle for a photo, but don’t the lights look pretty?!

Day 329 - Nov 30th
Day 329 – Nov 30th

330: December arrives, so we can now officially talk about christmas without all the miserable people getting offended. The tree has been up for a few days and thankfully our fears have come to nothing, Chloe has been showing minimal interest in it, and any of the decorations on it!

Day 330 - Dec 1st
Day 330 – Dec 1st

331: T’is the time of year for reflecting on the previous 12 months (you see what I did there!?) It may still be a Friday night, but not a bad time to look back and think about what has been going on for the last 12 months.

Day 331 - Dec 2nd
Day 331 – Dec 2nd

332: Its often all too easy to spend the weekend indoors when you have feeding and nap routines to follow with a little one, but sometimes I get a bit fed up of not getting out enough. Today we wrapped the girls up, put them in the car and went out for a walk to blow out a few cobwebs. It may be December, but its hardly arctic conditions!

Day 332 - Dec 3rd
Day 332 – Dec 3rd

333: A Sunday afternoon, and a quiet day at home, a chance to let Chloe attempt lunch by herself without being fed. How far can she get, and how much mess can she make? I love the way the sunlight through the window is lighting her from behind.

Day 333 - Dec 4th
Day 333 – Dec 4th

334: Monday mornings are rarely fun for most people, hauling themselves back through the morning commute into work after a refreshing 48hrs at home. But when you walk out the front door and see this kind of sunrise, it all feels slightly less painful.

Day 334 - Dec 5th
Day 334 – Dec 5th

335: Busy, busy, busy trying to work through creating wedding albums and also trying to compile material for training.

Day 335 - Dec 6th
Day 335 – Dec 6th

336: Dark times… when your day just doesn’t go as planned and a single piece of news can change everything. It makes you stop and reflect more than anything.

Day 336 - Dec 7th
Day 336 – Dec 7th

337: The picture of innocence, when you have plenty on your mind to worry about, but the simplicity of a child can keep you grounded and remind you to not lose sight of the little ones around you who depend on you to keep your head together.

Day 337 - Dec 8th
Day 337 – Dec 8th

338: When worrying about someone special, very close to you, it forces you to look at yourself and make sure you have done all you can to be a responsible parent and ensure that even if I don’t look after myself for me, I do it for my daughters who need their dad around them.

Day 338 - Dec 9th
Day 338 – Dec 9th

339: Saturday, the weekend has landed, and time to spend some quality time with the ladies, especially as daddy is off out in the evening to attend the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the NEC (or whatever they have currently renamed it to!) I’ve only waited 20 years to see them, and it was totally worth it, even if I did have to go on my own!

Day 339 - Dec 10th
Day 339 – Dec 10th

340: A day to lighten the mood slightly, the birthday celebration of my friends little boy, and its off to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor for the day. Its a fun day with lots going on, and one of the highlights for the little ones is getting to see Santa and get a present. Olivia wasted no time in telling the big man exactly what she wanted!

Day 340 - Dec 11th
Day 340 – Dec 11th

341: Bath night, but someone has decided that they don’t want to join their little sister in the bath, they want to have a shower like a big girl. Thankfully we now have the shower screen up too, so its easier to keep an eye on her.

Day 341 - Dec 12th
Day 341 – Dec 12th

342: The joys of having children… I’m sure if we left Olivia to her own devises, our entire fruitbowl would look like this!

Day 342 - Dec 13th
Day 342 – Dec 13th


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