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project 365: almost done days 329 -342

329: Sometimes ya just struggle for a photo, but don't the lights look pretty?! 330: December arrives, so we can now officially talk about christmas without all the miserable people getting offended. The tree has been up for a few days and thankfully our fears have come to nothing, Chloe has been showing minimal interest… Continue reading project 365: almost done days 329 -342

365 project, Photography

365 project: days 317 – 328

Lots has gone on lately, and I am behind with this post, so I will keep this update short. In terms of this update, well we now have a baby who climbs the stairs, we also had her christened and the Christmas tree has gone up (yes in November, deal with it!).  317: The little… Continue reading 365 project: days 317 – 328