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The 365 project, just weeks left to go: Days 299 – 308

In the closing stages of the 365 project now, and this has been a tough one, particularly in the later stages. Mostly on the basis of having two children, a full time job, a part time photography business and not enough hours in the day! When trying to finish this, for example, I should have been happily typing away here, looking at my watch about and considering heading up to bed at a sensible time for a change. Instead I have been dealing with the joys of parenting, and trying to stop our little one from crying, whilst working out what are the most likely reasons she has given up sleeping through the night and taken to crying instead. When you’re feeling a tired and a bit cranky yourself, you can easily forget to be grateful for all that you have, and a crying baby can feel and sound like the neighbours have started drilling the wall! I remind myself that Olivia still sleeps through for us, and is rarely woken by any of the crying, and to top it off has even started staying dry through the night. Plus, Chloe is normally a happy, healthy little baby, and has slept well through the night before the teething started, and will do again. Having recently watched a programme about Great Ormond St childrens hospital, and thinking of a friend there at this moment, a bit of perspective is called for, and crying through the night may feel pretty torturous, but in the grand scheme of things is nothing, absolutely nothing. There are a lot of parents out there who have really sick children, who would give anything for a health baby who just cries through the night.

So before whining about staying up late and not getting any of this typed up, I want to say how thankful I am for my two healthy little girls and the delight it gives me to see their smiles when I come home from work, and not forgetting how grateful I am to my amazing wife for all that she does without complaining, and for the times she gets up during the night to try and prevent me being woken up when I have work the next day! I still do get woken up however, Chloe can steer ships away from rocks on a foggy night with that cry of hers, and the walls are thin enough already, it sometimes sounds like she’s in the same room! This is team work though, and neither of us can do this alone! The nocturnal crying won’t last forever, and we can get our own back when they are teenagers and want to have a quiet lie in on a saturday morning!

And on with the photos…

299: Its halloween, and the pumpkin carving had been well and truly left until the last minute unfortunately. This may explain why we had so few trick or treaters calling, as I like to leave a carved pumpkin in the porch with a candle inside to let the parents and kids know that we’re on board with the whole halloween thing, and they can happily knock on our door. The pumpkin didn’t turn out too bad, and I did get Olivia to help where she could, including choosing the design!

Day 299 - Oct 31st
Day 299 – Oct 31st

300: With halloween out of the way, it means that November is here, and the weather seems to have adjusted itself accordingly. So with the choice of two bikes in the garage, one pedal powered, the other petrol powered, its a tough choice as to which to take to work. I can’t lie, the novelty of taking a motorbike has not worn off, and the joy of not having to cycle when you start the day exhausted because of another nights broken sleep… well, it speaks for itself!

Day 300 - Nov 1st
Day 300 – Nov 1st

301: Ah yes, the sight of the stairs when you hear that cry from the small bedroom again. I don’t know if its just because Chloe has a good set of lungs on her, or if its because it just really echoes in such a small room. One of the best things we did was put that night light on the landing though. I’d originally put one in Olivias room, and it was so good that I got one for the landing. A faint glow until the sensor detects movement, then a second brighter light comes on so you can see what you’re doing. Just brilliant! Not the cheapest night light, but worth every penny!

Day 301 - Nov 2nd
Day 301 – Nov 2nd

302: Coming home from work takes on a new meaning when you have children. Its not that I am especially eager about my work day being over because I dont like my job or soemthing, I just really want to get home to be with my two girls! Olivia is at a great age now, and is loving being a big sister.

Day 302 - Nov 3rd
Day 302 – Nov 3rd

303: Friday night, and when you’re weekend isn’t all about going out and painting the town red, its more likely being spent at home with the family… that is until they all bugger off to bed early and leave you to it!

Day 303 - Nov 4th
Day 303 – Nov 4th

304: Bonfire night, and we had some friends over with their kids for hotdogs, beer and fireworks. A lovely evening, but I sadly didn’t get to photograph any fireworks, as I was the one lighting them. I did get this lovely shot of Olivia using sparklers for the first time, even though she didn’t look very happy in this photo.

Day 305 - Nov 5th
Day 305 – Nov 5th

305: Sunday, a quiet day in. In fact the second day I hadn’t actually left the house at all, not even to go to the shops, a real rarity for me! When you have this cute face to look at, you don’t need to go anywhere. She’s a great eater and loves having a go at doing it herself, even if it does get a bit messy!

Day 305 - Nov 6th
Day 305 – Nov 6th

306: Oops! The day I forgot to take a photo, so this is from the day after as the weather begins to turn. The temperature has dropped, the rain has arrived, and Autumn is definitely here!

Day 306 - Nov 7th
Day 306 – Nov 7th

307: My poor bicycle has been neglected a bit lately, and I need to get back out on it again. The motorbike has been great fun to ride, and its made a real difference at the end of the day when you are exhausted and couldn’t bear the thought of cycling home. The big problem recently has been frost on the roads, making the motorbike a less favourable option as the back wheel seems to like to slip out a bit!
Day 307 - Nov 8th
Day 307 – Nov 8th

308: After numerous nights of broken sleep, you have to remind yourself how cute this one is when she is happy and smiling during the day. With reduced daylight hours at this time of year, its getting hard to photograph stuff after work, so I figured I’d add a bit of flash to enhance the shot!

Day 308 - Nov 9th
Day 308 – Nov 9th


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