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Approaching day 300 on the 365 project: Days 285 – 297

As we plough through October, the weather is changing rapidly, and the days are starting to feel cooler and much more like Autumn, but we are seeing the biggest change in the time it starts to get dark. We seem to forget each year just how quickly it begins to get dark each night, or at least I do, and so does the wife. Its becoming a little darker each evening when I leave work, which is less desirable now I am on a motorbike too. Still vulnerable, like cycling, but now moving at a slightly faster speed!

Lets get to the photos anyway…

285: Well, with the wife out for dinner with friends, its down to me to put the girls to bed and then entertain myself for a while… and what better way to spend the evening than to upgrade the operating system on my laptop. Man, I know how to have a good time!

Day 285 - Oct 17th
Day 285 – Oct 17th

286: Meeting up with an old school friend of mine again to cover some basic photography training, and this time talking about focusing on specific parts of an image and how much of the photo was in focus! She seemed keen and enthusiastic, and even said that she felt like she’d learned something, which was nice to hear as it wasn’t just me talking to myself and her blindly nodding and grunting in the right places!

Day 286 - Oct 18th
Day 286 – Oct 18th

287: As we’re having a bit of a sort out and tidy up lately, the wife has been urging me to get up in the loft and put away a few bits that have been lying around and waiting a few days to go up there. Whilst up in the loft I find my foil blanket from an old half marathon run, a perfect sensory toy to Chloe to play with, and she loved it! Sometimes its the simple things.

Day 287 - Oct 19th
Day 287 – Oct 19th

288: Right, I have been waiting long enough, the wine I have been making has been sitting in the garage for ages, even though it should only have taken a couple of weeks. Tonight I finally poured it into bottles, ready for drinking. It was a thoughtful birthday present from my sister, and is actually quite surprisingly tasty for home made wine, so I am hoping there is still a bottle left to share with her when she next comes for dinner, although I am making no promises!

Day 288 - Oct 20th
Day 288 – Oct 20th

289: Finally, its Friday, and the last day of the half term too, meaning a whole week off work with the family. A chance to finish work and hour early and spend a bit more time with my girls before they go to bed. Not much time for a photo today, but I did like the way the light fell across these flowers before it went dark and we took the girls up to bed.

Day 289 - Oct 21st
Day 289 – Oct 21st

290: Amongst all the chores we had planned out for half term, I had made the unpopular choice (with the wife) to help my friend to chop firewood, which he wasn’t able to do by himself. When I got home I was able to grab this quick shot of Chloe making silly faces at the camera, with a bit of off-camera flash to brighten it up. I often shoot the girls inside with just window light, which is fine most of the time, but having a bit more light really makes a big difference. Sometimes I just like to play around with the light and create some clearly different photos that will be nice to look back on.

Day 290 - Oct 22nd
Day 290 – Oct 22nd

291:A day out with the family to see friends, off to an adventure farm for the day, plenty for the kids to see and do, plus they even got to go pumpkin picking at the end of it. When we got home Olivia decided that she wanted to take her hand to computing and show off her IT skills.

Day 291 - Oct 23rd
Day 291 – Oct 23rd

292: Monday and we’d got the morning booked out, as we were off to have the second of Olivia’s meningitis jabs. We decided to turn it in to a bit of an adventure (well, its an adventure when you’re 3 years old!), and so caught the bus into and out of town, which Olivia really enjoyed, especially as she got to go upstairs and watch the world sailing by from the top deck.

Day 292 - Oct 24th
Day 292 – Oct 24th

293: I managed to catch up with a couple of old friends today for a little walk around the Wyre forest. I always love catching up with old friends, one of the big bonuses of the internet and social media, where you simply wouldnt have had the opportunity only a handful of years ago. On our walk around the Wyre forest, I discovered there was a Gruffalo trail I was previously unaware of, and knew I had to bring Olivia here, she’d love it!

Day 293 - Oct 25th
Day 293 – Oct 25th

294: Today we’d agreed to meet a friend at Sheldon Country Park, a lovely place we like to go to where there is a park, some farm animals, a lovely little cafe and a nice walk up to the bottom of the runway at Birmingham airport. I do always feel a little guilty tucking into a delicious sausage sandwich, then having to walk past the pigs on the way out of the cafe!

Day 294 - Oct 26th
Day 294 – Oct 26th

295: Nursery day for Olivia, and with halloween around the corner its a dressing up day. Naturally our little lady couldn’t wait to turn up in her witch outfit.

Day 295 - Oct 27th
Day 295 – Oct 27th

296: Today should have been a free day out, although it still ended up costing us! We decided to take advantage of our free return ticket to West Midlands Safari Park, that we’d got from going earlier in the year. We didn’t even end up driving round the animal enclosures, but we did take advantage of the rest of the park and had a lovely day out.

Day 296 - Oct 28th
Day 296 – Oct 28th

297: Olivia is a wonderful big sister and very mindful of her little sister and interacts with her so gently, and is learning to have a little patience when Chloe won’t leave her alone. After a slow morning of being harrassed by her sister, we got them both dressed and headed off to see Nanny Rose and Grandad Al.

Day 297 - Oct 29th
Day 297 – Oct 29th

298: Sunday, and the last day before heading back to work after a week off. Today we’re off to visit the other Nanny and Grandad, and I grabbed this shot of the colourful leaves hanging down, as I am a real sucker for the autumn colours.

Day 298 - Oct 30th
Day 298 – Oct 30th


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