More 365 goodness: days 275 – 284

Another week and a half has flown by, and much has happened. October is whizzing past, and we have half term fast approaching. Then we have Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to! I was a little anxious about this term at work with some of the kids I knew we’d have to deal with, but so far it has gone fairly smoothly, and the first half term is almost over. We’ve seen a noticeable change in daylight hours as it gets dark earlier and earlier every day, and I know that riding home in the dark isn’t far away!

So what has been happening then?

275: The day before I take my CBT, or Compulsory Basic Training to ride a motorbike. The training centre privide you with enough kit for the day, but as I was hoping to pick up my new bike the day after, I had ensured I’d got all the kit I needed to ride it home, including the most important part, a new helmet. All motorbike riders I know say the same thing, always buy it new, try it to make sure it fits, and buy the best one you can afford. Wish me luck!

Day 275 - Oct 7th
Day 275 – Oct 7th

276: The day of the CBT, a full days theory and practical training, where we go over road safety and then get to go out on the bikes to practise our skills and be assessed. Thankfully the weather was kind, it was dry and sunny, but not too warm as all that protective gear can really keep you toasty! It was very different to cycling, and it took some getting used to, the bike is a lot heavier, but I managed to get to grips with it and managed to leave with my CBT certificate. I had passed it, and was now entitled to ride a motorbike! So I treated myself to a few drinks in the evening to celebrate!

Day 276 - Oct 8th
Day 276 – Oct 8th

277: The day had come where I get to pick up my shiny new bike. I was nervous and excited. The fact was, I had no other way to get it home than to ride it, and I was 20 miles from home, not knowing where I was going. Thankfully once my satnav was fitted I was able to make it home alive without too much drama, trying to remember every single detail I’d been told the previous day, and trying not to panic if I did something wrong. It was another dry and sunny day, which made the journey a lot easier to contend with.

Day 277 - Oct 9th
Day 277 – Oct 9th

278: The first day commuting to work on the new wheels. It was strange having an engine underneath me, and yet still being able to dodge through some of the traffic, although still making sure I don’t get too cocky about it, as I still have a long way to go with learning how to ride! It felt good though, I was beginning to get a little bit of confidence, and tomorrow was going to be slightly easier.

Day 278 - Oct 10th
Day 278 – Oct 10th

279: “Can we play outside now Daddy?” are frequently the first words I usually hear when I get home. I always try to say yes where I can, as any good father would, as I hate turning down an opportunity to play outside with the girls, even after a long day at work. The usual scenario is that I’d finish my day at work, cycle home, which is mostly uphill, and arrive home hot, sweaty and feeling exhausted before being asked the question I nearly always answer with “Yes darling!”, but at least this week I have been able to jump off the motorbike as fresh as when I got on! I was glad to be saving my energy today as we had got the in-laws baby sitting so that we could go out to see Jimmy Carr live at Dudley Town Hall.

Day 279 - Oct 11th
Day 279 – Oct 11th

280: My attempts at getting to bed early are starting to falter again. On Wednesday evening I went out to see a couple of friends on my motorbike as they have owned bikes for years, and now maybe I can look at heading out for rides with them. I wasn’t home particularly late, but it clearly didn’t help.

Day 280 - Oct 12th
Day 280 – Oct 12th

281: Thursday, a nursery day, and this little madam is still battling with the lost afternoon naps. No-one has made her stop, and we have even encouraged her to go for a nap when she looks like she needs it, but often she refuses. Sometimes she’ll push through until bedtime, other times she’ll just crash like a stolen car hitting a tree! What was extra funny here, was how she fell asleep almost upside down!

Day 281 - Oct 13th
Day 281 – Oct 13th

282: Friday is upon us again, the superhero of the work week that arrives just in time to save me from brutally beating to death one of my co-workers! Its extra nice to finish an hour earlier than the rest of the week and see the girls for an hour longer before they go to bed… except not this Friday, as we get caught up at worj and a particularly challenging pupil at the end of the day means we can’t get into our classroom to collect our belongings. Finally, when the fuss blows over, I get home and get greeted by this gorgeous face. Its nice to see at least one person happy to see me get home as the other little one doesn’t seem quite so bothered as she used to be!

Day 282 - Oct 14th
Day 282 – Oct 14th

283: Saturday night, and its fight night! Like a few of my work colleagues had previously, a friend of mine had signed up for the charity white collar boxing matches. I’d never been to anything like this before, and so was not sure quite what to expect. I managed to bag a lift off a friend so that I could at least grab a couple of beers while I was there, and a good night was had. It was an odd looking crowd, but then I guess a night like this can attract allsorts. Our friend was one of the last to fight, and even though we didn’t get the result we’d hoped for, it was still worth waiting for!

Day 283 - Oct 15th
Day 283 – Oct 15th

284: Friday seems to take so long to get here, but Sunday arrives in a flash, and is gone in a heartbeat! After a bit of a lazy morning, I took my friends boy out for a walk on the afternoon, as I sometimes do a couple of times a month, and by the time I was home the day was mostly gone. How does that happen on a sunday? Is there some kind of space/time vortex where hours and minutes disappear? I always try to make the most of the weekend, and sometimes that can be a good thing in that you seem to get the most out of it, but on the flip side, because you’re so busy, you don’t notice the time going by! Either way, that Sunday night feeling isn’t a pleasant one! While I was out walking along the canal this afternoon, I managed to capture this shot on my iphone and was really pleased with it, as to me it didn’t look much like an iphone shot, which is a good thing!

Day 284 - Oct 16th
Day 284 – Oct 16th

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That 365 project keeps comin’: days 264 – 274

264: Monday again and its back to work, the weeks go whooshing by, and its a fairly uneventful day to be honest. One thing that makes me chuckle is the in-laws bringing us some beers, the Vokes or volks beer, and the lazy cow beer. I’ll enjoy downing these two at some point!

265: Who doesn’t love a good sunset?! Now and again you see one that looks pretty, then once in a while one comes along that kinda blows you away. Today, the latter happened!

Day 265 - Sep 27th
Day 265 – Sep 27th

266: So with the CBT drawing closer and a deposit put down on my motorbike, its time to start making sure I have all the right clothing for riding it home when I can finally pick it up. Tonight I headed over to see a friend who was selling on some second hand jackets and gloves, still with plenty of life in them. I picked up quite a bargain and feel ready to hit the road now!

Day 266 - Sep 28th
Day 266 – Sep 28th

267: Pah! I missed out on todays photo, and so, a day late, I am showing off my new Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt all ready for the concert in December. Having been a fan for over 20 years and never seen them live, I feel like its now or never! What if they were to split up next year or something?! Then I’d never see them! No, got to do it now, and with the appropriate attire too!

Day 267 - Sep 29th
Day 267 – Sep 29th

268: Sometimes photos present themselves for the 365 many times a day, sometimes the day passes and you get tired of looking, especially when you’re ready for bed. Today was one of those days!

Day 268 - Sep 30th
Day 268 – Sep 30th

269: Saturday morning, the alarm clock doesn’t go off, and the agenda for the morning is blank. Its a fairly good start to the day… at least until the wife offers to cook me a proper breakfast. Could my weekend get any better?

Day 269 - Oct 1st
Day 269 – Oct 1st

270: Another lazy start to the day before we head out to a birthday party, Olivias best friend is celebrating at a local swimming pool, a private heated pool, followed by party food and games. When we head home I see a tree near the house turning red, and decide to go for a walk after we get home and get out of the car. Olivia comes with me, poses for a split second and just makes the photo.

Day 270 - Oct 2nd
Day 270 – Oct 2nd

271: I decide to do something a little different with this Monday night and meet up with an old school friend I probably havent seen in 30 years. I am offering some basic photography training, and need someone to practise on. She wants to learn and is willing to be a guinea pig. It was a lovely night, and this simple shot was the inside of the pub we met in while I was demonstrating features on the camera.

Day 271 - Oct 3rd
Day 271 – Oct 3rd

272: I have tattoos, yes its true. This particular one was for my 40th birthday, the girls names. I originally wanted Olivia’s name shortly after she was born, and I am glad I waited until Chloe was born before having this done. I thought I would throw this in there as it was a day for not finding many photos.

Day 272 - Oct 4th
Day 272 – Oct 4th

273: I’d started to get into a bit of a better habit with getting to bed at a sensible time, but I do find things to do in the evening that constantly seem to challenge this. The will is there, but I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day sometimes, just like tonight and typing up this 365 blog, knowing I have to plan next weeks photography training for Monday night, on top of the wedding photos I have to edit!

Day 273 - Oct 5th
Day 273 – Oct 5th

274: I’d taken some lovely photos of Chloe with her new haircut, as her hair was finally out of her eyes, but then we see this face again! I can’t lie, we’ll remember Chloe’s baby days as being a bit of a whinger. To be fair, it was bed time and someone was getting tired. There were more smiles before and after this shot, by the way, I didn’t just leave her moaning and take photos!

Day 274 - Oct 6th
Day 274 – Oct 6th

So that’s it for this week, now to finish off a few more chores before I can hit the hay! Only one more day before the weekend!