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More of the 365 project: days 221 – 229

I started this post ages ago, and never quite got around to adding the text and being able to upload it. Time demands have made my days, and in particular the evenings (where I usually find time to write on here) very limited, largely due to the recent weddings I have photographed leaving me with many photos to edit, and also the rare chance at a number of nights out catching up with some friends.

221: Sunday afternoon and a chance to duplicate a photo taken a couple of years ago when this girls big sister was much smaller and wearing the same cap. The evening was a chance to catch up with a couple to discuss their wedding plans.

Day 221 - Aug 14th
Day 221 – Aug 14th

222: The day before another wedding and time to prepare batteries and memory cards. One thing we have started getting into today is the whole weaning process with Chloe. The fruit purees haven’t got much of a response, but the little lady shows a certain fondness for the age old favourite of rusks! They get a bit messy, but thats half the fun!

Day 222 - Aug 15th
Day 222 – Aug 15th

223: The wedding of a friend, and what a beautiful day for it! I love being involved in the entire day, from hair and make up with the bride, through to the first dance. The photos then begin to unfold like a story book. I can’t wait to get these photos edited and ready for them to view! This was the beautiful house of the reception lit up as the sun started to set.

Day 223 - Aug 16th
Day 223 – Aug 16th

224: Another beautiful day, this summer has been blessed with some sunshine and warm weather, and sometimes this is no better way than to enjoy this by relaxing at home with the family in the garden. One thing I have tried to do in the garden is encourage the bees with some of the flowers I have grown, and the Hollyhocks seem quite popular!

Day 224 - Aug 17th
Day 224 – Aug 17th

225: Dressing up day at nursery, and the theme is “what I’d like to be when I grow up”. Its a bit of a tricky one for someone to comprehend who isn’t even three yet, but the girl does love to show off her ballet dancing!

Day 225 - Aug 18th
Day 225 – Aug 18th

226: Back to the childrens hospital for Chloe’s check up on her hips since the harness came off 8 weeks ago. Thankfully all is good and it certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed down her desire to get about!

Day 226 - Aug 19th
Day 226 – Aug 19th

227: Okay, so I can’t lie, its quite obvious by the fact I am in this photo that I didn’t take it. It was a school reunion where yet again most of those invited had a reason for not being able to be make it. Its disappointing and frustrating, so many times I have tried to arrange nights like this, but its always the same people who turn up. It was still a great night, with three friends I have known for almost 30 years. A friendly member of bar staff offered to take our photo, which was at least, for the sake of this project, taken on my phone and edited by me afterwards.

Day 227 - Aug 20th
Day 227 – Aug 20th

228: Sunday again, and visiting the grandparents, where Chloe gets to show off her new skills, sitting up for long periods with no support and just a couple of cushions around her.

Day 228 - Aug 21st
Day 228 – Aug 21st

229: What to do to entertain a child… I hate relying on the tv, and we’ve done painting and play-doh, so lets head out to the shops and get some cornflakes and chocolate and make some chocolate cornflake cakes. That is until Olivia starts to eat the mix instead of mixing it and putting it into cake trays.

Day 229 - Aug 22nd
Day 229 – Aug 22nd


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