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Catching up on the 365 project

So here it is, part two of the delayed updates, bringing us back up to date with the photos.

204: A quiet day, Olivia in nursery and the rest of us staying at home. One thing I did manage to finish was some fancy invites for Olivia’s third birthday party, not far away now!

Day 204 - Jul 28th
Day 204 – Jul 28th

205: I should have been out taking photos today, but due to a clash of calendars with the wife, I had to scrap my plans as she was going to be out all day. So it was just me and the girls all day. It was good fun and the day went quickly without any problems, although it didn’t leave me much time to pick up the camera and get any nice shots.

Day 205 - Jul 29th
Day 205 – Jul 29th

206: A visit from our friends and their two boys, who play lovely with Olivia, and she really enjoys seeing them. Weather was good and it was time to get the BBQ out!

Day 206 - Jul 30th
Day 206 – Jul 30th

207: A nice quiet day, and a chance to sit down and watch the Hungarian Grand prix, the only bit of time I take for me during the week when it comes to the tv. Otherwise the remote control generally sits firmly in the hand of my wife.

Day 207 - Jul 31st
Day 207 – Jul 31st

208: Okay, I have a confession to make… this is my first cheat photo of the project. I totally didn’t pick my camera up or take any photos today. This photo was actually taken the following day, first thing in the morning as soon as I realised! Oops! At least I managed to get out and take Olivia swimming this day, and as a bonus the pool was virtually empty!

Fay 208 - Aug 1st
Fay 208 – Aug 1st

209: Three years ago today we had done enough renovation work on our new house to officially call it moving in day, and after hiring a van and drafting in the help of a couple of mates, we started the task of moving all our belongings from the flat to the house. We’d totally transformed the inside, and it was slow and painful and exactly the kind of project that my very pregnant wife had said that she didn’t want! It was worth it in the end though!

Day 209 - Aug 2nd
Day 209 – Aug 2nd

210: Six months ago today and this little lady made her grand entrance into the big wide world. I can’t believe that six months has gone so fast, and what makes it even worse is that in just another four weeks time, her big sister turns three years old!! Where is all the time going? She’s changing every day and learning to do new things all the time, it is so lovely to watch. The wife had taken Olivia out to the cinema to watch the new Finding Dory film, and so I grabbed my lights and set up a mini studio in the living room!

Day 210 - Aug 3rd
Day 210 – Aug 3rd


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