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365 project continues: Days 197 – 203

I seem to fall further and further behind with this, and now I have photos backing up. Rather than post all, I am going to put up a week of photos tonight, and the rest tomorrow. So here are days from 197 through the 200 mark and up to day 203.

197: Its a Thursday night and I feel like I have earned myself a beer as it is almost the end of term, and the last day of kids at work as the following day is a training day. This academic year has had its ups and downs, and I am not even thinking about next term, I have whole summer break to go yet! I thought I’d treat myself to a bottle of Sam Adams that was on offer this week, taking me back to memories of my honeymoon in California!

Day 197 - Jul 21st
Day 197 – Jul 21st

198: End of term, and I left the bike and car at home today so that I could catch up with some work colleagues for a few drinks at the end of the day, in particular this guy, Tim, who leaves in just a few days for a position in Abu Dhabi. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, and he will be missed, so we made the most of seeing him off. It was a long night and I barely remember the journey home, it didn’t feel quite so big and clever the next morning!

Day 198 - Jul 22nd
Day 198 – Jul 22nd

199: This was mostly a day of being hungover and not achieving much at all. Painkillers were the order of the day, but I did get out into the garden to enjoy a little sunshine and the beautiful flowers that are growing with some amazing colours on show!

Day 199 - Jul 23rd
Day 199 – Jul 23rd

200: The Hungarian GP race, and a bbq with the in-laws, its almost a perfect Sunday. This little lady was in a fantastic mood and has been for a while now, most of the whinging and complaining seems to have faded away, and we’re literally only getting any crying when she’s either tired or hungry, even the teething seems to have subsided a bit!

Day 200 - Jul 24th
Day 200 – Jul 24th

201: The first day of the holidays, and we are off to Jitterbugs soft play centre to check out whether its suitable for Olivia’s 3rd birthday party. We met up with a friend there and his little boy and had a nice few hours while the kids wore themselves out. Olivia took a few minutes to recharge her batteries on the driving machine, even though we hadn’t put any money in it!

Day 201 - Jul 25th
Day 201 – Jul 25th

202: Sometimes you have jobs to do that you put off for so long you become blind to them. We’ve had a door to get rid of for longer than I’d like to admit to, just sitting around in the back garden. Finally I got round to sawing it into small pieces and burning it! Nothing like fire and a beer in your hand to make you feel like a man!

Day 202 - Jul 26th
Day 202 – Jul 26th

203: Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. FOUR YEARS!! How did that happen? We’ve never been able to do much on our anniversary because of the kids, the wife was pregnant on our first anniversary and since then they’ve been too little for us to leave with anyone. So, after palming them off on the in-laws while we at least tucked into some Miller & Carter steaks for lunch, we took them out to the park for a walk and an ice cream. I took the opportunity to grab a portrait of my three fantastic ladies while we were out and enjoying the sunshine on our special day.

Day 203 - Jul 27th
Day 203 – Jul 27th

And so thats it for tonight as the 365 approaches the end of July and the summer holidays have finally kicked off! More to follow tomorrow!


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