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More of the 365 project: days 221 – 229

I started this post ages ago, and never quite got around to adding the text and being able to upload it. Time demands have made my days, and in particular the evenings (where I usually find time to write on here) very limited, largely due to the recent weddings I have photographed leaving me with… Continue reading More of the 365 project: days 221 – 229

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World Photography Day

There are so many World This Day's and World That Day's that I tend to ignore mostly as everyone and his dog have put some cause forward for a "world day" of some kind, but I couldn't let World Photography Day without jumping on board. Considering how many photos I must have taken in the last 8 years… Continue reading World Photography Day

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Nope… I haven’t forgotten the 365 project! Day: 211 – 220

Working in a school, like any other jobs, has its pit falls and its benefits. One of the massive benefits is obviously the six weeks off work during the summer, and each and every year everyone who works in a school treasures those six weeks like its the first time they've ever had that long… Continue reading Nope… I haven’t forgotten the 365 project! Day: 211 – 220

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Catching up on the 365 project

So here it is, part two of the delayed updates, bringing us back up to date with the photos. 204: A quiet day, Olivia in nursery and the rest of us staying at home. One thing I did manage to finish was some fancy invites for Olivia's third birthday party, not far away now! 205:… Continue reading Catching up on the 365 project

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365 project continues: Days 197 – 203

I seem to fall further and further behind with this, and now I have photos backing up. Rather than post all, I am going to put up a week of photos tonight, and the rest tomorrow. So here are days from 197 through the 200 mark and up to day 203. 197: Its a Thursday… Continue reading 365 project continues: Days 197 – 203