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365 project – Days 147 – 156

Man Alive! I really have fallen way behind in my posting! How did I let this happen? Well thankfully I have still been taking the photos, and so rather than put them all in one post, I am going to split them across two.

So we start the photos on this post during the half term holiday, meaning a week off work for me, and time at home with the family. We had a number of things planned for half term, its a chance to finally get done those things which you’ve been putting off for weeks as you just haven’t had the time. Unfortunately its easy to put off too many things until half term, and then feel swamped. Suddenly seven days off work doesn’t feel quite so long!

147: Back in the early days of the internet, when all was innocent and the possibilities that lay before us were endless, I decided I wanted to find out more about the world and found a few email penpals around the world to correspond with. Over time these began to fade out to just a couple of people, one of which was my good friend Lynda from New York, who I finally got to meet while she was over visiting London with friends and family, and we got to spend a lovely (if slightly damp) day in Oxford with her and her mother. Hopefully the next time we catch up will be in NYC!

Day 147 - Jun 1st
Day 147 – Jun 1st

148: I started off the day looking after my friends little boy for the morning, and in contrast to yesterdays grey and damp weather there was sun on my skin and just a few clouds in the blue sky. It reminds me of the need to get home and take my own children out more!

Day 148 - Jun 2nd
Day 148 – Jun 2nd

149: Our little lady is growing at a rate of knots and learning new things all the time. She is really building up her muscles trying to wriggle about on her mat, but also keeps trying to sit up when ever she gets a chance, so we dug out the bumbo that was given to us by a friend for when Olivia was trying to sit up. Chloe took to it very well, and loved being able to see about properly, the nosey devil!

Day 149 - Jun 3rd
Day 149 – Jun 3rd

150: One thing I had been putting off for a while was painting the spare room ready for when Chloe is too big for her moses basket, which was a time fast approaching! After some initial prep work and choosing a new colour, I finally made a start and got the room done. I’m no decorator, but I didn’t do a bad job!

Day 150 - Jun 4th
Day 150 – Jun 4th

151: In keeping with my desire to capture frequent portraits of the girls, I have tried to do something a little different. I have tried my hand (without reading up on it too much) on the skill of off-camera flash outdoors in bright sunlight. There is a very specific look I am going for, and while I didn’t get it with this shot today, there is always next time!

Day 151 - Jun 5th
Day 151 – Jun 5th

152: I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, and it sat on my memory card inside my camera until recently when I dug it out, dusted it off and gave it the processing treatment with the free Nik Collection from Google, a complete editing suite free from google to edit photos in. I went for a super contrasty black and white look here.

Day 152 - Jun 6th
Day 152 – Jun 6th

153: At the end of your work day you feel tired and ready to collapse, but you didn’t take the car, you cycled. So you ride home again, mostly uphill, and sweating and exhausted you stumble off your bike… only to find your daughter immediately wants to spend time her daddy having a picnic in the front garden before I have even taken my bag or cycling shoes off! In the distance we can see dark grey clouds approaching and hear numerous rumbles of thunder, but my daughter is determined and will not be giving up that easily. Say no to spending time with my daughter? Not likely! So picnic it was!!

Day 153 - Jun 7th
Day 153 – Jun 7th

154: Quite simply, its Apple Watch day! It has arrived! Excited!!

Day 154 - Jun 8th
Day 154 – Jun 8th

155: I get a new Apple Watch… the wife gets a new kettle/toaster combo, and gets equally excited about it. How times have changed! What happened to our lives?!?

Day 155 - Jun 9th
Day 155 – Jun 9th

156: Our little lady is getting closer and closer to rolling onto her tummy, so in preparation we spend a little time lying on our front and see how those neck muscles are coming along to help her keep her head up.

Day 156 - Jun 10th
Day 156 – Jun 10th

And so that is days 147 – 156 covered. Any comments? Fire away!


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