The 365 Project And The Next Stage Of Growing Up

if there is one thing that never changes, its that everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Life, priorities, friends, taste and sometimes we notice it, sometimes we don’t.

Life has been on a massive upward spiral, constantly evolving, ever since I met my wife, from moving in together, marriage, having a baby, baby starts to walk and talk, then along comes the second baby. You have to learn to be flexible and put a lot of things on hold.  When we had our first, we were somewhat prepared for some of the changes because of our antenatal classes, although they don’t tell you everything. When our second came along we were almost a little complacent about it, thinking we knew it all, but we really didn’t appreciate what a juggling act having two was going to be. 

At two and a half years old, our eldest is no longer a baby, or even a toddler, but a proper little girl. One of the biggest changes was when she learnt to walk, then along came talking, now she is toilet trained and to top it off we have just disassembled her cot and put her in a bed. Apart from working on her language, there aren’t many steps to her becoming a fully fledged little person now! 

70: And this is where we continue with the 365 project, on day 70, Olivia gets her new “big girl” bed and is very excited to try it out. We have a new stair gate in place at the top of the stairs in case she gets out of bed in the middle of the night, now there is nothing to stop her, but she doesn’t, and sleeps straight through as usual.

Day 70 - Mar 16th
Day 70 – Mar 16th

71: A rare trip out to the Lickey hills with work, and although not the warmest of days, at least mild and dry. Just a shame we couldn’t stay out there a little longer, although after the visit was a success, it looks like we may be able to repeat it. I certainly need to bring the family up here soon!

Day 71 - Mar 17th
Day 71 – Mar 17th

72: Friday nights aren’t the same any more, instead of feet up, snack, movie and a beer… I am usually fighting sleep and heading to bed early, except for tonight, where I am watching the clock trying to settle the little one so that the wife can at least get a few uninterrupted hours in bed, before I cave in, join her, and see how long the little one will stay asleep for.

Day 72 - Mar 18th
Day 72 – Mar 18th

73: Saturday morning and sometimes there is nothing better than having a slow tea and toast type start to the day with your family around you. Olivia makes us chuckle by putting lip balm on mommy, but is unable to do it without pouting herself! 

Day 73 - Mar 19th
Day 73 – Mar 19th

74: Running on empty is how I started my Sunday. After getting up at 4am for the first F1 race of the season (after a few beers on Saturday night!) we are off to a birthday party for our two year old niece in the morning, followed immediately by a christening at midday where we spend most of the afternoon. My brain is literally fried by the end of the day.

Day 74 - Mar 20th
Day 74 – Mar 20th

75: After an exhausting Sunday, Chloe decides that tonight is the night she isn’t going to sleep or settle properly, consequently we’re all shatterd on Monday… apart from Chloe who has the luxury of sleeping it all off.

Day 75 - Mar 21st
Day 75 – Mar 21st

So, 75 days out of 365 already. I’m hoping to get out and get a few more exciting shots than I’ve taken recently, as the spring and summer roll on. Time is the evil monster that seems to be against me all the time lately, and the luxury of having free time, or being able to make the same free choices we could before we had children have all but disappeared. Things will get easier over the coming months as Chloe gets into better sleep patterns and can spend a bit longer awake, the days get warmer and we can get out more. 


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