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The 365 project: days 64 – 69

The project continues, and as recent parenting would dictate, I am behind by a few days yet again. So now I am trying to catch up before bed whilst watching the very funny Celebrity Juice Live Special on tv after just watching Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special in the run up to the start of the Formula 1 season, which starts with Free Practice on Friday ahead of the first race in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday morning. Its fair to say that I am more than just a little excited, although setting the alarm for 4am doesn’t appeal great, but the bacon sandwiches and cups of tea will make up for it!

Its not often I actually sit down and watch much tv, in fact most evenings I’d be just as happy to turn the tv off altogether. The evenings viewing is usually dictated by the wife, and we clearly have very different ideas about what makes good tv, but tonight has proved to be entertaining viewing for a change. The only frustrating aspect is that this has all been on terrestrial tv and the small fortune that I am paying Sky each month really doesn’t seem to have been great value for money this evening! Alas, such is life!

So where did we get to with the 365 project, well its hardly been ground breaking photography, but it is a documentary of recent events. Many people undertake 365 projects all the time, but there are no rules apart from taking a photo every day. Your project is your own and any rules around it are those you impose yourself. I want my project to be a mix of documentary photos, to be able to look back on the whole year and see my girls growing up, mixed in with some more tricky photos that will take a bit more thought and effort where I have to push myself a bit and try something new.

64: A day where not many photos end up getting taken, but it is bin night, so while I am out there I grab my camera and wide angle lens and grab this. I like the way the lens distortion creates the converging lines, and the black and white aspect removes the distracting orange glow from the street lights allowing your eyes to follow the road.

Day 64 - March 10th
Day 64 – March 10th

65: As our newest little lady turns five weeks old, she is becoming more alert and aware of what and who is around her. I think there is something really lovely about a photo with a real small depth of focus to bring attention to the eyes, and even more so when you remove the colour and therefore remove any distractions. Black and white really allows you to see what is going on in a photo, colour can take some of the focus away from a scene.

Day 65 - March 11th
Day 65 – March 11th

66: Saturday we were meeting our antenatal friends so that the little ones could enjoy a morning of soft play. It was nice to see them playing together and burning off a bit of energy, although it was a little dark and rather chaotic in there, so I didn’t take many photos. The session was over before we knew it so I suggested we head out for a walk in the park. Whilst most of the couples were busy afterwards, one of them came with us so our girls could play together and a lovely afternoon in the sunshine was had by all!

Day 66 - March 12th
Day 66 – March 12th

67: Another fine day, the weather was mild and pleasant. After taking Olivia swimming in the morning I had arranged to meet some friends at the local park with their little ones in the afternoon. I hate to waste good weather by staying indoors, especially when we haven’t been getting out enough lately. At the park it was a chance to take advantage of some natural light and get a nice shot of Olivia. In her first year I tried to get a photo most days, as they change so much in the first 12 months, but now I am trying to take less “snaps”, and more portraits that are worth framing.

Day 67 - March 13th
Day 67 – March 13th

68: The new bouncer chair that we bought for Chloe turned out to a bit of a disappointment, as she always looked uncomfortable in it and it never seemed to relax her. So I went into the loft and dug out Olivia’s old bouncer chair, and after dusting it down and putting the cover through the wash, it was as good as new. Chloe was instantly much happier in it!

Day 68 - March 14th
Day 68 – March 14th

69: A similar image to yesterday, but less of a snapshot. With my 85mm portrait lens still fixed on my camera, I want to get a nice portrait shot of Chloe while she is sat in the bouncer again and happy. The screaming, although still regular, is becoming less frequent, and we are starting to see the beginning of some smiles here and there. This makes it far easier to take nice photos of her, as I don’t really want to capture all the screaming red faces. We had so many early photos of Olivia, particularly in the first three months, she was a placid baby which made it easy, but with Chloe being upset so frequently . 

Day 69 - March 15th
Day 69 – March 15th

So thats the project up to day 69, more to follow soon. What have you been photographing recently?


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