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The 365 project: days 62 & 63

Onwards into the 60s with days 62 & 63 from the 365, and on a positive start to the blog, I am feeling much better than this time than I was last week. Its amazing how something so small that you can’t even see it can make you feel so rough and take you out of action for several days. Not a pleasant experience, and made me wonder if there was anything I could have done to avoid it, such washing my hands more considering the environment I work in? Autistic teenagers can have some rather bizarre habits and can often seem a little less concerned with hygiene, you never know what to expect sometimes!

The one benefit of the job is that the easter holidays are just a couple of weeks away, and with the wife on maternity leave, that means two weeks of full-on family time. The only question now is what will the weather do for us? Wet walks in wellies, or the possibility of a picnic with friends?

I have another reason to look forward to the easter holidays now too, as I have just booked my ticket for the opening night of Batman Vs Superman in IMAX 3D at the cinema with some work friends, a similar group that I went with to see the opening of Star Wars, only this time at a more sensible time during the day, also taking in what has now come to be known as a “cheeky Nando’s” before the showing, although I am yet to discover what specifically is cheeky about it. Still, can’t beat some spicy grilled chicken with friends!

62: Flat pack fun after the wife ordered a new cupboard for the bottom of the stairs to keep shoes and stuff in. Its certainly tidied the corner up, but I’d started putting it together expecting it to take me just an hour… although over two hours later and I am still on my hands and knees looking for a missing screw that I’m pretty sure was there when I started, which has the significance to either allow me to finish it, or deny me the satisfaction of calling it complete. Just one single screw can be that important. It was already late, my patience was short, but thankfully I remembered all the brackets and things I’d kept from the kitchen going in. Low and behold, I find the perfect screw to allow me to put the doors on and finish the job.

Day 62 - March 8th
Day 62 – March 8th

63: Mid week, edging closer to the weekend. Miserable weather today, plenty of wind and rain, but thankfully I am still going to work in the car today, although it is probably the last day as I want to get back on the bike tomorrow. I miss the cycling, I miss the exercise, and I hate the rush hour traffic. I frequently sit in it when I have to take the car, not moving and watching the other cyclists go tearing past me. I am hoping to cycle again tomorrow, but have spent today feeling like I haven’t had much energy, which I am putting down to the bug from last week taking its time to release its grasp on me. We’re just grateful that we’re not losing much sleep at night with our new little lady sleeping well between feeds.

Day 63 - March 9th
Day 63 – March 9th

Right, time for bed, one way or another I need to start getting earlier starts in the morning.


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