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The 365 project: days 54 – 61

Time to catch up with some photos that are well outstanding by now! Although trying to get things done in the last few days has been almost impossible for me as a nasty bug managed to invade Casa Vokes giving me a nasty bout of gastroenteritis, although thankfully it was only me that was infected by it.

On a plus note though… slimmer of the week! I managed to drop seven pounds in three days! Not exactly the way I’d like to drop weight, but it certainly gave the weight loss a boost, making it a total of 10lb in two weeks!

Monday, and the first day back to work after the arrival of Chloe. It sucks, as you’d guess, but it was soon over and I was on my way home to my ladies. It was good to be back on the bike and getting the heart pumping a bit. As soon as I was home, I was on painting duty, but I don’t mind, I’m not one to stem the flow of creativity!

Day 54 - Feb 29th
Day 54 – Feb 29th

This little lady is turning into a milk monster, and as such is becoming a lot less “little” than she used to be! That face is starting to fill out and she has rapidly become noticeably heavier. Cant wait for her to start smiling, cant be far away!

Day 55 - March 1st
Day 55 – March 1st

Rough day, ended even rougher! The bug took a grip today and the stomach pains started. I left the bike at work and got a lift home. No chance of putting my feet up at home, someone wanted to “wash her hands” ie spend 30 minutes splashing and pouring in the kitchen sink. Who am I to say no?

Day 56 - March 2nd
Day 56 – March 2nd

World book day and facebook is adorned with nursery and school children all dressed up as characters from their favourite books. It proved difficult to get a last minute gruffalo suit, so we went with the witch from the Room On The Broom story that she loves to read.

Day 57 - March 3rd
Day 57 – March 3rd

Bug has taken full grip by now, full scale gastroenteritis has kicked in and I’m feeling pretty awful. I manage to grab just one photo today as I go into the garage and notice the rain/sleet outside land on the garage roof. In my muddled, slightly dehydrated state I thought I could pull off something a little abstract… did I manage? you decide!

Day 58 - March 4th
Day 58 – March 4th

Bug subsiding slightly, feeling a little less like death. Olivia had yet again come into our room and made a beeline for her mothers make up, only for Clare to give in and put it on. It didn’t stay on long, but it did make us laugh!

Day 59 - March  5th
Day 59 – March 5th

Mothers Day in the UK and I am feeling a bit more human. A good job as we have the parents coming over, although I have to pick my mom and stepdad up. When I get to theirs I notice a pretty looking flower that I haven’t seen before. With driving, lunch, tidying up, bedtime etc there isn’t much of a chance to pick the camera up again.

Day 60 = March 6th
Day 60 = March 6th

Back to work after the bug, only running on 95% as the stomach cramps haven’t completely disappeared. This thing is taking a little longer to get over than I’d first thought. A cold day, but a lovely clear sky. As I sat in traffic at lights on the way home from work,  I looked up and spotted this single line of white high up in the sky, following a little silver dot taking a lucky bunch of people somewhere far warmer and sunnier than here. Oh how I miss holidays abroad! It’ll be a while before we can do it again, but I can’t wait to take the girls on a plane for the first time!

Day 61 - March 7th
Day 61 – March 7th

So thats it up to day 61 of the 365, glad I’ve managed to keep it up until now, even if some of the shots didn’t inspire much creativity. There are some days when you just cant do much about it!

What has been inspiring you to take photos lately?

Until next time…


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